To support Parish Diaconia efforts with the necessary human, financial and formative resources and opportunities to be able to put their hopes and aspirations for their communities in practice.

Marta’s Kitchen

A kitchen supporting food provision initiatives

Martina’s Club

A club for our young ones to set us an example

LOOP Clothes Shop

The eco choice reaches further

Environmental Stewardship

Putting our choice to care for
the environment into practice


Join our team of volunteers
and make your time count


Every little bit counts,
 your donation can go a long way

Our Values

The project will hold at heart the values promoted by gospel and indeed those promoted by the four pillars of the social teachings of the church namely:

Human Dignity

Created after the image and likeness of God, every human has an intrinsic dignity that should be respected in and by society.

Common Good

the flourishing of the human family should be the aim of our actions in society.


Create the freedom for people and communities to contribute to the flourishing of the human family.


Share our means with those who suffer from poverty, oppression, and lack of freedom.

Our Vision

A Church that goes forth: mission as service. A strong commitment to the promotion of human life and dignity.

We raise awareness, in parishes and other communities, about the calling we have all received towards missionary discipleship as concrete works of service or diaconia.

Our communities are to become more open to the peripheries and to vulnerable persons so that there is a common effort in promoting human life and human dignity in the light of the Gospel.

(One Church One Journey)

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