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Kċina ta Marta is a project of LOOP Djakonija Parroċċi, the 70 Maltese parishes in partnership with the Alfred Mizzi Foundation.

At Kċina ta’ Marta we prepare nutritious food to provide for needs in the community and sustain parish djakonija efforts. Although a token fee is charged per portion, all proceeds go toward the Fond Djakonija Parrocci a fund that supports parishes around Malta in their work amongst the needy. 

The kitchen knows its roots to the Solidarity Meals – an initiative that started during the Covid lockdown, when through the support of the Alfred Mizzi Foundation that providing cooked food for people who couldn’t cook for themselves the then Djakonija Unit at Caritas Malta in collaboration with the parishes and religious agencies in the community and a team of 75 volunteers delivered warm meals to people in need. At its peak the team of volunteers was delivering 850 meals a day all around Malta.

On Christmas Day too, Solidarity Meals replaced the meal that Caritas organised at the Archbishop’s Curia in previous years due to covid restrictions whilst since Christmas day 2022 meals were delivered to those who still couldn’t make it to the Christmas meal at the Archbishops Curia. Children’s presents and boxes of Christmas goodies are also delivered to persons referred by parishes whom they deem need reminding of the communities’ closeness to them in the moment of need. Although amounts dropped as the restrictions subsided, the need was still present and to date the Maltese Parishes with the help of the Alfred Mizzi Foundation have been supporting such persons in our communities since.

SInce then, LOOP Djakonija Parroċċi through the partnership with the Alfred Mizzi Foundation has set up Kċina ta’ Marta, to continue providing for those who find themselves in need, whilst providing an opportunity for those who can help to do so. The Alf Mizzi Foundation’s support in all this has been constant and we are proud and honoured to call them our partners in all this. Other benefactors include, farmers who offer their crop, the St Peters Foundation who help out with fish, and different companies and individuals that support the initiative from time to time. LOOP Djakonija Parrocci, through Kcina ta Marta will soon be offering new products and services in it’s scope and offering its services in the community to continue and grow in its mission to support parishes reaching out to their communities. Provision for Community Meals and Dining rooms for the Lonely are amongst the projects in the pipeline.

LOOP Djakonija Parroċċi is the fruit of coordinated efforts of the 70 parishes of the Archdiocese of Malta and the 6 church or religious led community social agencies present in our communities namely: The Millennium Chapel, The St Jeanne Antide Foundation, Fondazzjoni Caritas Malta, Paulo Freire institute, Segretarjat Assistenza Soċjali, and Fondazzjoni Sebħ who are our interlocutors with the individuals and communities we are here to serve.

All the people we help are also provided with professional help as necessary and their situation regularly assessed in order not to make them dependent on the system but rather realise their full potential. In the process in the past years Maltese parishes have been assisting around 1300 families with Food Hampers.

In 2024 a new project was launched in the heart of Ħal Balzan, “Ir-Refettrorju tal-Kċina ta’ Marta” which serves meals to the community, providing a space for people from all walks of life to meet, eat and get to know each other.

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