Solidarity meals are provided to beneficiaries that Parish priests their delegates, or other social professionals deem needy. Every case is re-evaluated every 4 months. According to need beneficiaries are provided with a daily meal or the amount of meals that the professional referring deems necessary, normally this would be discussed beforehand with the beneficiary. Solidarity Meals beneficiaries will be provided with a mix of the following portions every week. We suggest a token donation of €1 per meal is sourced to support the work of many volunteers towards keeping the service sustainable. The parish or organisation where the beneficiary is a client and is being referred to solidarity meals have the discretion of how to fund this token donation. This can be done through fundraising, organisation funds or even involving beneficiary funds should their limitations not be of a financial nature. Parish Priests will also be able to also ask for help from the Djakonija Parish Fund. Meals are provided on a weekly basis by volunteers take up the task of delivering an agreed number of portions per week on a day and time agreed upon with the beneficiary. To apply, kindly download and send the form below.

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